Erica + Dave | A Gorgeous NY Backyard Wedding

Last weekend, I had the privilege of photographing Erica & David's beautiful wedding in NY. The couple opted to have the ceremony at Erica's childhood home which made the event all the more meaningful. There’s something so personal and beautiful about having a wedding in a place you trust and know; returning to the place where you started for a new beginning. Everything about their intimate wedding was absolutely gorgeous - from their carefully crafted decorations, to their families coming together, their laid-back vibe, the weather, and most of all their love for each other.

Their families helped them get ready, they were married in the expansive garden, and their first dance was under a beautifully lit tent, surrounded by their loved ones.

And this is how it went.

In addition to the extremely personal setting, there were tons of lovely details throughout. 

Bridesmaids' first look.
An emotional Erica after receiving a surprise gift (earrings) from Dave before the ceremony.

Final touches. 

See more photos of the wedding here

Dave seeing his bride for the first time. 

Erica reciting her vows. 

An intimate moment after the ceremony as husband and wife. 

Erica & Dave planted a tree to commemorate their new beginning. 

And the celebration continued late into the night. 


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